A New Year’s Resolution for Bloggers

Over the last few years my biggest priorities were house related: buy house, renovate house, rent out house, sell house, buy house, renovate house, clean house (pink dust from tile demo was everywhere), and now...enjoy house?

I've never really set a resolution for the new year, other than the vague 'do better,' but I no longer have impending house projects to plan and survive. This time around, the new year happens to coincide with the end of a years-long focus on house, and my new goal can festively masquerade as a new year's resolution.

bloggertoblogger.com A New Year's Resolution for Bloggers

So now, in the spirit of New Year's, I present my official New Year's Resolution:

*drum roll*


Yeah I know, not the most exciting goal (or the prettiest word), but it'll be a big weight off, and that's always a popular and lauded resolution.

For a lot of people this means cleaning out the closets and basement, but for me it includes all things digital, like deleting and consolidating old emails and email drafts, music files, photos, and other old or superfluous documents.

As bloggers, our number one tool is our computer, so you’ve probably accumulated too much digital clutter, too.

Have you ever attempted to record a youtube video? Then you must also have a secret folder of .mp4, .wmv, and .mov practice files that deserve to be put out of their misery.

I have little doubt that the majority of cellphone users have thousands of photos. While we likely don’t need so many, photo files will be harder for me to reduce because approximately 70% of my photos are of my dog and those can hardly be deleted.

bloggertoblogger.com New Year goals Picture perfect, no?

Perhaps the biggest undertaking will be purging my email accounts of hundreds of nonessential messages. How many emails do you get that you don't even look at? Rather than repeatedly mass deleting junk-mail, I should probably unsubscribe to a few things (JetBlue I love you, but I don’t need $99 tickets every other week).

Along the same lines, there are some physical items overdue for a purge, like removing my address from various mailing lists. This took months to do at my last house because I was getting junk mail for at least five former residents. The main nuisance at my new house? The LAST NOTICE! envelopes the Boston Globe sends every few weeks.

In the name of blogging, we sometimes need to replace our computer hardware (keyboard, mouse, hard drive, etc). Did you know Best Buy recycles many types of electronics? We should all keep an eye on what can be recycled there instead of thrown out.

Likewise, fabrics too worn or damaged to be donated can be brought to stores like American Eagle and H&M to be recycled. Our trashed computer files won't end up in landfills, and thanks to programs like these, many household items won't, either.

After years of creating and saving documents to our computers, it’s time to give them a good purge. We have 'spring cleaning' as a yearly reminder to set our homes straight; let's resolve to extend the effort to our digital lives!

Happy purging and happy blogging!

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