Common Blogging Mistakes that Hurt Your Blog’s Authority

When you started your blog there were undoubtedly a bajillion things you had to do and worry about. And making mistakes was part of the process!

Now that you've found your blogging stride, it's a good time to reevaluate the state of your blog and identify the things you may have overlooked.

You're so familiar with the look and functionality of your blog. Try to see it from the perspective of a new reader. Does everything on your blog works as it should? Is it easy to navigate?

Make sure you're not making these common blogging mistakes that hurt readers' first impressions of your blog.

Missing Favicon

A favicon is the little picture that appears next to your...

Broken Social Media Links

Are the links working on your social media icons? Depending on the code for your icons, you either need to input the entire url or just the username. Make sure you put the right one in!

If you manually added links to your social media accounts (eg on your About or Contact pages), go check those and make sure they work. Sometimes people change their usernames and forget to update the links on individual pages.

Outdated Year/Timestamp/Deadline

If you have a copyright year in your blog's footer, make sure it reflects the current year.

If you're offering something for a limited time, make sure that deadline isn't for last year. Or if the deadline has indeed passed, state that it has to avoid confusing readers. I recently saw a promotion that said Sign up before X/X/2016! and assumed the entire blog must be outdated, as well.

Too Many Ads

If you display banner ads on the top of your blog and the bottom of your blog and the side of your blog and the middle of your blog...THAT'S TOO MANY ADS!

Haven't you ever been turned off of a site that had too many ads? Your readers feel the same way. You need to weigh the income benefits of your display ads against the number of readers you might be losing from too many ads.

If you're making a hefty profit from the ads, then by all means keep them, they're clearly serving their purpose and not alienating readers since they're clicking on the ads.

If the ads are only making you a few bucks a month and look a bit spammy, reduce how many are displayed for a cleaner looking blog. That's a tiny price to pay for a better first (and returning) impression.

Non-HTTPS Elements on HTTPS Page

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