How to Find Blogs to Guest Post On


You know you should write guest posts for other blogs, but finding blogs that even accept them can be difficult and time-consuming.

If you Google terms like “I accept guest posts” and “submit a guest post”, you’d probably have to spend hours searching for the types of blogs you actually want to guest post on.

You know, blogs that are in your niche and written by real bloggers–not shady who-knows-whats.

We faced the same problem finding good blogs to network with, so you know what we did?

We built a platform that helps you find bloggers to collaborate with!

So now it’s much easier to connect with other bloggers in your niche.

Create an account (it’s free!) and fill out your blogger profile. You’ll be added to our members directory, and you’ll be able to search other member profiles.

Blogger to Blogger member profile

It’s the easiest way to find blogs to guest post on!

Instead of wasting hours searching in all the wrong places, just run a quick search for blogs in your niche that accept guest posts.

This way you can focus your efforts on blogs that actually do consider guest post pitches.

blogs that accept guest posts

And speaking of, do you accept guest posts on your blog?

In your profile, select the option “Yes, I accept guest posts” and let other bloggers pitch to you!

accept guest posts on your blog

From then on, our members will find your blog whenever they’re looking for opportunities to submit a guest post!

Want more ways to collaborate with other bloggers?

We also help you find bloggers for:

  • link roundups
  • quotes
  • interviews
  • videos
  • and more!
collaborate with other bloggers

See what collaborations other bloggers have posted, and add your own request to collaborate!

Fill out a simple form indicating whether you’re looking for opportunities on other blogs, or you want bloggers to contribute to your blog.

add your blogger collaboration request

Then select your niche, the collaboration type, tell us a little about the collab, and the email to reach you at.

add your blogger collaboration

Once you click Submit, other members will see your request!

It’s never been this easy to find bloggers to collaborate with!

So are you ready to network with other bloggers, get featured on their blogs, and grow your audience?

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