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When I was working on my first website, it felt impossible to connect with other bloggers.

I was creating content for international students interested in studying in the USA…not exactly an audience bloggers usually target!

It was certainly a “lifestyle” niche, just not the lifestyle most bloggers relate to.

The lack of connectedness I felt inspired me to create a platform that helps you easily connect with other bloggers.

The aptly named Blogger to Blogger is a space wholly dedicated to blogging, providing you with both resources and opportunities.

When you join for free, you get a blogging profile to add your links and details to.

Blogger to Blogger member profile

Pretty snazzy, right?

Create an account and start enjoying these member benefits today!

1. Find Contributors for Your Blog

Publishing guest posts on your blog is the best way to add content without having to do the work of writing it.

Let other bloggers know that you accept guest posts by selecting the option on your profile:

accept guest posts on your blog

Whenever someone runs a search for blogs that accept guest posts, your profile will show up and they can reach out to you!


You can find bloggers for quotes, interviews, roundups, and more by adding a request to collaborate!

Bringing in fresh ideas and perspectives can help make your blog more dynamic and stand out from the crowd.

Do you have any blog post ideas that could benefit from someone else’s expertise? Add a collaboration request to invite bloggers to contribute!

All you need to do is fill out a simple form and then every member will be able to see your request and respond if they’re interested.

add your blogger collaboration

2. Find Opportunities on Other Blogs

Appearing on other blogs can help you grow your audience.

If you’re interested in writing guest posts on other blogs, you can search our database for members who accept them.

blogs that accept guest posts

And remember the collaboration requests form I mentioned earlier?

You’ll be able to see when other members are looking to collaborate on a podcast, interview, or other project!

collaborate with other bloggers

Become a member so you never miss out on these opportunities!

3. Promote Your Blog

Our daily share thread helps you find content to fill your Tailwind queue and also promote your latest blog post.

After all, the best part about being in a community of bloggers is helping each other out!

Provide a link to a post you want promoted, and find other awesome content to share. 😎

share thread for bloggers

We’re working on a few other ways for curious minds to find your content. They should be available within the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!

4. Promote Anything You Offer

Do you offer any digital products or services on your blog? What about a freebie you send to your email subscribers?

Add it to your profile, with its link, description, and image!

blogger profile product

The best part is that it also gets added to our searchable products and services directories for other people to discover.

So anyone who searches for a free printable, for example, would find yours! 🎉

5. Blogging Tips, Resources, and Inspiration Galore

You probably see the same blogging tips over and over again and aren’t keen on more of the same.

Want some real strategies to grow your blog?

We have a news feed that pulls the latest posts from respected sites like MOZ and Copyblogger, so you can always see what’s new and check out anything that piques your interest.

We also have a curated videos feed that covers a range of topics for even more tips and inspiration.

And if you’re focused on growing your blogging income, our Affiliate Programs directory has hundreds of affiliate programs you can search by niche!

We’re continually working on new features, so if there’s anything you’d like to see, let us know. 🙂

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